About Us

About Us




We are a natural beauty brand founded on the notion of providing high quality products for healthy skin, hair and body using only natural plants and fruits sourced from the Caribbean’s unique lush tropical landscape and native botanicals.

It was while we were living on one of the breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean island gems that the idea for the creation of our brand first took shape. Amid all of the natural beauty all around us, we were inspired to create a brand that would lead the industry by using only the purest ingredients from these tropical paradises. And we hoped, that in the process of doing so, we could become ambassadors of these islands' delicate beauty and proud heritage. After three years of hard work, research, and product development, Caribbean Emerald was finally launched in 2022.

Our company values are simple- Great passion for what we do, honesty and integrity in how we represent ourselves and our products to the public, and always doing so in the most professional manner possible.

All our work is backed by experienced skincare creators and professionals, resulting in high quality, all-natural products that are produced on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten.
We care for nature and the surrounding community, and that is why we are committed to being a socially responsible company. We are constantly looking for clean and sustainable ways to develop our products.
By doing so, we hope to have a positive impact on this beautiful and amazing region.



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